David Bowie: A Life Path

David Bowie died four days ago. It hit me by surprise, like most of his fans too. On my Facebook profile I changed my avatar with a redraw that I’ve done of ALADDIN SANE’s lightning . Working on that and having David Bowie’s face with his eyes close in my screen, I stopped and look over that sleeve that I looked so many time before. I decided to go through all of his records, than I realized that David Bowie did change my LIFE PATH.life_path

themanAll begun with The Man Who Sold The World, I was very young and my older brother came back home with that record. You know, the one from Mercury with the cowboy. The record must be playing, I just remember holding the sleeve and looking at the drawing over and over. In one of those day that I was holding it, my brother told me that this record has many other sleeves . . . What?  Why ?
There it was, the first time that David Bowie shaken my life. He, my brother that is, explain to me that some people like to do collections and that they can buy the same recording under two, three or even more different sleeves. I didn’t know that would change my life, I just realize now how all started from there. I always looked at Bowie’s sleeve as “HOW” the image and the typo give you a feeling and that you can associate the music with it.david-bowie_early

Over the years, I got use to see the art covering and protecting Bowie’s Art. How it reflect a part of time of your life (nostalgia). Yep, just do it. Look at your pass, the memories that you  with those sleeves. You may find like me that it had change you.

As for me, I do know that today, what I do is part of his influence on me. I may do graphic art, typesetting and info-graphics work due of those printed images that came with the music. One thing is sure, I’ll miss the moment to see the new cover, but more the creation of the man himself.

Thank You Mister David Robert Jones, you made my life artistic.
david-bowie_laterWould you like to download these David Bowie’s logo ? If so, just click here.
These are redraw that I’ve done, that said, they are NOT exactly as on the sleeves =O)