Internet Search

(search engine basic)

Still on the Internet, search after search. I cannot find the sites that I need. Search engines do not give me the results I want. Yet it is not so complicated. To really find what you seek, you must find… yes, it’s as sound stupid, but you need to find two or three good terms.

To begin, first and easier word to find should be a geographical one and the best choice is often the city where you will need it. “Montreal” will be my choice for the needs of this example, it determines at least that what I will find is in my area. I know there is other Montreal. But here we must trust the search engines as our IP address (from the ISP) and they know where you are.

Now for the second word, it’s a little complicated. You really need to find the right word and some search engines can you suggest (see the preferences of your browser). Watch out for synonyms, they often play tricks. So I’m looking for someone who make typesetting. So, in my research I’ll only put these two words and let the engine do his magic, but since I want them found the results “typesetting” first, I’ll place that word in front. Which will give it more importance and the result will change accordingly to it.

Typesetting Montreal = (en) / (en)

Hint, for an “exact” search; if you are using your terms and putting inch marks, the first finds results will be web sites with these terms together in that same word position.

Typesetting Montreal  Typesetting Montreal
(about 454 results vs about 167,000 results)


Small notes and visual

You have probably noticed that I have written “(en)” following URLs of the search engine. Which brings me to a very important detail. The search engine use an algorithm that takes into account your IP address, as mentioned above, but also the language of your browser. It is therefore important to check on what engine you are. If you are in a French environment, your search may not find the English terms that you seek.


I do not know why it happens that my search engine is on, but you will find a link for the Canadian search engine… and yes, it already knows where you are.



In terms of, it is simpler. Just make sure your text is in English at the top of your page. If for any reason it is not in English, you should have a link says “English”.

Have fun!