Notice to businesses in Canada,
a new scam … NOT

I just did not know that one. I received an email directly to my job, all suggesting a sincere approach. A company from England wants to register the name of the company as well as the keywords connecting with,,, and that they believe that this business should not have the right to do it before us. I told them that we had nothing to do with this company and that these URLs did not matter to us.

I thought it was finished and filed, but no. I received a new email, that’s when I understood everything. They say they responded to the other company, the one from England, that these names had no connection with their business. Sure, I’m making money selling names but not to them, because you have to buy them, that’s your name … seriously. That’s where I thought, who’s the other company? With very little research I found this company from England that has been dissolved since August 2013 (business register :

Psychological pressure (translated and adapted from this French site of France)
This spam technique is more subtle because direct contact takes place between the company and the spammer. This one, will indicate to the company that a person is about to buy a domain approaching his. He then proposes to the company to obtain the domain names in question. This action, which can in some cases be strategic for the company, is still considered a scam for several reasons. Firstly because spammers are putting pressure on businesses by pushing them to make a quick decision. In addition, the prices of these domain names are very high and exceed their real cost.

It is possible to see another version on the site Hoax-Slayer

This is the second spam that I received for your pleasure. Even if according to the text at the bottom I do not have the right to use this one = OP