.starting by the enD

June 1, 2016 Marc 0

Let’s talk about that punctuation mark, the period. The simple one at the end of your phrases. One who allow you to absorb the idea that you have read and catch your breath. This punctuation […]

Internet Search

January 29, 2016 Marc 0

(search engine basic) Still on the Internet, search after search. I cannot find the sites that I need. Search engines do not give me the results I want. Yet it is not […]

Why this URL ? (typesetting.montreal)

September 10, 2015 Marc 0

I have searched for “typographer”, “typesetting” and more. It’s simple, I’ve been searching all day with Google and Bing for “typographer“, “typesetting” and I also […]

Typography in Pictures

September 10, 2015 Marc 0

Here are some images found on the internet that have to do with typo =O) A typographic ruler (E-ruler) was to measure your font, line spacing, […]