Why this URL ? (typesetting.montreal)

I have searched for “typographer”,
“typesetting” and more.

It’s simple, I’ve been searching all day with Google and Bing for “typographer“, “typesetting” and I also tried terms like “typography” and the French terms “typographie” and “typographiste“. First, let me say that what you try to search with Bing may not be what Bing decides to show you. I had more results for photographers than anything else :o\

What I found is that if I would like to get the right people at the right place, I must do a site with those terms to help people find us more easily. Located in the sector of Griffintown in Montreal, we are within reach of downtown and easily accessible by highways. We have offered our services for more than 60 years and have evolved with new technologies for documents production. Centre Typo is the place to get all your documents created or reformatted.

How to reach us.
Centre Typo Logo

400, 930 Wellington St. Montreal, QC   H3C 1T8
www.CentreTypo.com • 514-861-7231